Purana Qila History 

One of the most seasoned fortifications in India, the Pura Qila was built by the Afghan King, Sher Shah Suri on what should be Indraprastha, the capital of the Pandavas. The dividers of the Old Fort ascend to a stature of 18 meters and are spread over 1.5 kilometers. The fortress has three principle passages, the Bada Darwaza which faces west and is utilized as the passageway to the fortification even today. The South Gate is known as the Humayun Gate and the third door is known as the Talaqi Gate or the illegal entryway.

Every one of the three doors is twofold story structures developed utilizing sandstone and are encompassed by two substantial half circle towers enhanced with hued marble embellishments and blue tile work. At the North and South Gates of the Purana Qila, you will discover excellent galleries, chattris, and structures which just add to the loftiness of the fortress.

He has raised the fortification of Purana Qila alongside a roomy city territory around it. It was said that notwithstanding amid the passing of 1545, the fortress was inadequate and maybe it was finished by Islam Shah, the child of Sher Shah.

The Archeological Survey of India had done a few unearthings at the zone and have uncovered Painted Gray Ware going back to 1000 BCE. This post was viewed as the internal fortification of the city of Din Panah amid Humayun’s standard. He had revamped it in 1533. After Sher Shah Suri vanquished Humayun, he named the post-Shergarh and added more structures to the complex. The fortification and its surroundings were improved to be known as the 6th city of Delhi. In any case, amid the parcel of India, the post and the neighboring Humayun’s tomb was going about as the site for evacuees.


The camp was utilitarian till 1948. The bulwarks of the post were utilized as the backgrounds for some plays later in the 1970s. Tughlaq, Andha Yug and Sultan Razia were those plays. Thereafter, it has been the customary place for theater preparations, social occasions, shows and so on. There is a day by day sound and light show after dusk at the fortification with respect to the historical backdrop of the seven urban areas of Delhi.

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Purana Qila Entry Timings And Cost 

Purana Qila Timings : all days of the week  7:00 am To 5:00 pm.

Purana Qila Entry Cost :  For Indian citizens – Rs. 35 and for foreign nationals – Rs.550.

Purana Qila Location : Mathura Rd, Near Delhi Zoo, New Delhi, Delhi 110003.

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